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  What is Santwanam?

Santwanam is a healthcare initiative wherein patient and health is given utmost importance.  
  Often, attention in healthcare switches from patient's well-being to illness and treatment methods. While illness needs to be treated, and treatment methods should be administered with adequate care and attention, equally important is attention to each person as an individual both in terms of physical, spiritual and mental health.

  In particular, Ayurveda advocates such attention as indicated in this sloka:

"Hitaahitam sukham duhkham
Maanam cha tat cha yatroktam
Aayurvedassa uchyathe"
This roughly translates to mean Ayurveda is "where you find i) what is appropriate and inappropriate (in general) , ii) what cause happiness and sorrow, iii) what is appropriate and inappropriate (specifically) for health, and iv) measure of each "

In short, Ayurveda is all about healthy living, and everything that is required for a  healthy living is Ayurveda
That is, it is not merely about packaging medicines into capsules or bottles, or administering them but rather, it is a wholistic approach where each patient is given individual attention. Treatment needs to be administered in the overall context of the patient. This requires attention to various details like, to name a few, food habits, occupation, stress, social factors, etc.

  As an initiative which is not bound to any specific pharmaceuticals, Santwanam provides wholistic healthcare paying full attention to patient's well-being